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Our team at Charlie Holding comes from a wide range of academic backgrounds and disciplines. They support innovation through financial support and guidance using decades of experience and scientific analysis of major investment themes.

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. – William Wallace

Angel Investor

We turn ideas into success stories through investment, guidance and ongoing mentoring. We want to be part of the next big thing and will pump funding into anything that has a lot of potential.

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Strategic Investments

We have long-lasting relationships with a wide range of businesses in different sectors to form introductions whilst ensuring your business benefits from shared business goals.

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Venture Capitalist

We help businesses of all sizes and industries to take the next step to business success. Core markets for Charlie Holding include Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other emerging markets.

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Merger & Acquisitions

With a comprehensive database of successful companies and investors, Charlie Holding can provide consultancy on streamlining the best solutions and introductions.

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And being innovative has never been so interesting.


We cultivate intelligent investment opportunities that evolve with the financial markets and technological advancements.


We help you focus on where you want to go, not where you are. Using comprehensive research and a scientific approach we ensure the right solutions are provided for your objectives.


We evolve with the times. As the financial markets keep progressing we never stop refining our services to cater to the needs of investors worldwide.

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